5 Reasons Why Royals Wear Hats

The type of clothing and accessories that an individual wears can share a lot about their background. In fact, the royal family is an example of a group that is easily recognizable in terms of fashion, including accessories such as hats. Why do royals wear hats?

Royals wear hats because decorative headpieces are a symbol of wealth and status, they are part of the classic royal silhouette, and have one-of-a-kind headpieces. Therefore, it is common for dramatic hats and headbands to be worn by members of the royal family.

This article will explain five reasons why the royal family is well-known for their exceptional selection of hats and the most popular hats among the royals will be shared. Let’s move on.

What Hat Is Most Popular Among the Royals?

The type of formal headpiece typically worn by members of the royal family is called a fascinator, which is a small, eye-catching piece that is extremely popular among the women of the royal family. The decorative clip serves solely as an ornamental piece. 

The fascinator covers just a small portion of the head, offering no protection to the wearer from the elements. Nonetheless, the fascinator has been a fashion staple in the royal family for several generations.

Elegant Hats Are a Symbol of Wealth

The royal family is not the only group that views flamboyant accessories as a symbol of wealth and success. The concept of paying top dollar for fashionable finds in order to flaunt wealth is a common theme in most modern societies, so the royal family naturally flocks to elegant hats.

The Royals Love Classic Accessories

There is one especially interesting accessory on the market that has become very popular among the royal family, which is referred to as a hatinator. This is a cross between a fascinator and a hat and consists of a hat-like facade that fastens onto the hair as a traditional fascinator would. 

The hatinator allows younger members of the royal family to maintain traditional royal dress while achieving a modern look as well.

Decorative Headwear Is a Part of the Classic Royal Silhouette

Similar to the way that decorative hats are associated with the female spectators of horse racing, the public has come to expect a certain level of fashion from the royal family. In order to maintain tradition and status, it is only appropriate that the royal family maintain its exceptional sense of fashion by referring to their fashion triumphs of the past through headwear. 

The Royals’ Headwear Is Highly Anticipated at Major Events

One of the many traditions that have stemmed from the royal family is flamboyant headpieces. At major events, such as a royal wedding, the outfits that the guests show up wearing are one of the most exciting parts of the day. In fact, this phenomenon can most closely be compared to the anticipation surrounding the red carpet events that come before major award shows.

British royals wearing hats on a balcony
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The Royals Have Access to One-of-a-Kind Headpieces

Due to the unique nature of traditional Victorian headwear, it is very difficult for the average person to replicate the hats worn by the royal family. In fact, the hats worn by the royal family are crafted strictly for them. The pieces that are worn by the Queen, for example, are unique to her closet alone. 


There are several reasons why the members of the royal family are known for their elegant headwear. In fact, the wealth and status of the royal family play a significant role in determining what they should or should not wear on a daily basis, which is reflected in the hats that the royals wear.

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