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Different Types of Beanies Explained

By Taylor James


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A beanie is a snug, fitted cap that sits right over the crown of the head. It’s traditionally made by sewing triangular panels together with a button at the top, but “beanie” may also refer to a knitted cap with the same fit but without multiple attached panels. For such a simple design, many people may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of beanies.

Some of the most common types of beanies include: 

  1. Cuffless beanie
  2. Cuffed beanie
  3. Slouch beanie
  4. Brimmed beanie
  5. Earflap beanie

This article will discuss each of these types of beanies in more detail. To learn what these styles are and how to pull them off, read on. 

1. Cuffless Beanie

This is the most common type that you’ll find sold in clothing retailers. These beanies have a finished edge and are not made to be folded or rolled. The edge of a cuffless beanie will typically reach the upper forehead area. 

An excellent option for a cuffless beanie is The North Face Unisex Bones Beanie from Amazon. It has a super soft lining, and it’s not too thick, which means you can wear it even when it’s not freezing outside. It’s a good, practical cap for keeping your head warm and dry. The simple, unisex design and basic colors go with everything.

2. Cuffed Beanie

This is the cuffless beanie’s alter-ego. It’s essentially the same design but with extra material folded to create a cuff around the lower edge. The cuff comes down longer than the cuffless beanie so that it can slide over the ears. These are typically knit or wool caps and they’re a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

3. Slouch Beanie

The slouch is sometimes also referred to as the “hipster” style beanie. Both men and women can wear this style, and it’s even more versatile than you would think. The placement of the cap combined with different hairstyles makes the look a little different for every wearer. 

A fitted brim combined with extra material at the crown creates the “slouched” appearance that makes it a super casual (and comfortable) look. Read more about slouchy beanies in this article.

Check out this very popular option on Amazon.

4. Brimmed Beanie

Think of these as a cross between a baseball cap and a beanie. Brimmed beanies have a visor on the front to keep the sun out of your eyes while also keeping your head warm. They can be loose like a slouch beanie or have a standard fitted top. Some styles even have ear flaps. 

I recommend the Forbusite knit visor beanie from Amazon. It comes in 11 different colors/designs and has a casual, slouched fit with a short knit visor. The material is super soft, and it’s lined for warmth. They also look great on both men and women.

5. Earflap Beanie

The earflap beanie is shaped like the cuffless style, but with extra material that comes down over the tops of the ears. It may or may not have strings that dangle or which you can tie underneath the chin. These are typically more suitable for cold weather where you’d need to keep your ears insulated, and they look really cute on children.

Ever wondered how long it would take to knit your own beanie? Find out here.

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