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Can You Work Out In a Beanie? Pros and Cons

By Taylor James


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If you go to the gym regularly, you might have observed this phenomenon before. Somebody’s across the room, hot and sweaty, mid-workout, wearing a beanie. But is working out in a beanie really a good idea?

You can work out in a beanie. Wearing a beanie can help keep sweat and hair out your eyes, and keep you warm when exercising outside in cold weather.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of wearing a beanie.

Pros of Working Out in a Beanie

A Water Wicking Beanie Can Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Beanie skull caps designed to keep sweat out of your eyes can be ideal when forced to do heavy work wearing a helmet but can also be useful when working out. These beanies can also be submerged in water providing a great cooling effect. Check out this popular sweat wicking skull cap on Amazon. These beanies can also be useful if you have long hair that can get in the way while working out. Read more about skull caps in this article.

A Beanie Can Keep You Warm

If it’s cold outside, it is important to wear a hat. A beanie will keep you warm, especially if you decide to go outside in winter to work out. They are also ideal for workouts such as jogging. It helps that they can cover the ears as well.

The Challenges of Working Out in a Beanie

The immediate downside of wearing a beanie during exercise is the risk of overheating. The body is cooled when sweat is evaporated so preventing sweat from escaping can quickly lead to overheating, even in cold environments, when doing heavy exercise. Read more about wearing a beanie and the impact it has on your hair in this article.

This risk is mitigated by wearing hats with breathable material and as mentioned above they can even be dampened to create a refreshing cooling effect.

Read more about wearing a hat to the gym in this article.

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