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Reasons Hats Lose Their Shape and What to Do About It

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Hats are always a classic type of accessory. They add a ton of style and create a sophisticated look to many outfits. But one thing that can keep hat enthusiasts worried is the reasons hats lose their shape.

A hat can lose its shape just by day-to-day use. Over time, its materials can wear out, and with that, the accessory can lose its original form. However, some actions can anticipate this process, such as wrongly storing your caps.

You can face this process, whatever the type of hat you have: a fedora, a bucket hat, a trucker hat, a panel hat, a snapback, etc. That is why ensuring you’re taking proper care of your caps is crucial to preserve them.

What Makes Hats Lose Their Shape?

As mentioned before, daily use can lead hats to lose their shape. However, other things can also contribute to this issue.

Some of the reasons hats lose their shape are:

  • Taking the hat by the crown;
  • accidentally sitting on them;
  • stepping on them or smashing them into suitcases;
  • inadequate storage;
  • lack of proper care, etc.

The reasons are many, and it can happen if you don’t pay much attention to your hats’ care.

Check some hat care tips to avoid your hats losing their form!

Hat Care Tips To Avoid Hats From Losing Their Shape

Now that you’ve identified the main reasons caps lose their shape, check some general hat care tips to avoid these issues.

Avoid taking the hat by the crown. Constant contact with the crown can weaken and deform the cap over time. Therefore, handling the accessory by the flap will help it keep its shape.

When handling the hat, try to do it gently, without forcing it. When placing the accessory on the table, leave the crown supported and not the flap.

Other general care is always handling the hat with clean hands and keeping it away from direct contact with the sun.

If you haven’t used your hat for a long time and it is now out of shape, try removing the crease by hand and then stuffing it with tissue paper.

How to Properly Store Your Hats

Storage is something that can really affect the shape of your hats. That is why it is essential to do it correctly, so you don’t have any bad surprises when picking a hat you don’t wear frequently.

You should store your hat on its crown or upside down, and you should not fold your hat, even if it’s a foldable style.

Also, be careful not to expose your hat to excessive heat for long periods. Instead, choose a ventilated area to maintain your hats.

If your hat has a wider brim, you should place them on a suitable place like a hatbox, a shelf, or a table with the crown down.

You can also use a hook or a proper hat stand if you have one, which will help reduce the dust accumulation. It also helps to maintain the brim shape of your hat.

Now that you know the main reasons hats lose their shape and some essential tips to keep your hats in their original form for longer, you can take better care of them!

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