Sinamay Hats: 5 Fascinating Facts

Sinamay is an interesting material and one of the most popular choices for crafting hats. It is a straw fabric made from abaca fibers. The abaca is a large plant in the Philippines that is part of the banana family. This fiber makes hats crafted from this material durable and long-lasting. 

Here are 5 fascinating facts about sinamay hats:

  1. Sinamay can be used to craft many different hat shapes. 
  2. There are different grades of sinamay fabric. 
  3. There are different types of weaves and designs for hats made with sinamay. 
  4. Sinamay hats are usually extravagant. 
  5. Meghan Markle sports many sinamay hats. 

Hats made with sinamay first arose during the 1990s. Since then, sinamay material has been a popular choice in creating gorgeous fashion statements. Here are 5 expanded upon facts about sinamay hats. 

1: Sinamay can be used to craft many different hat shapes. 

Sinamay is very easy to work with and can be molded into structures that keep their shape. Tall headpieces or extremely wide-brimmed hats are a popular choice for the sturdy material. Today, hats made from sinamay can be seen at fancy events such as royal weddings, and the Kentucky Derby. 

sinamay hat

2: There are different grades of sinamay fabric.

The higher the grade, the more tightly woven and fine the material is. A grade sinamay fabric is referred to as Pinok Pok and boasts the smoothest surface. B grade is still fine but is strong and ideal for blocking. Lastly, C grade is the most loosely woven and this grade is best used layered to create a sturdier overall shape. This can be used for trims or décor as well. 

3:  There are different types of weaves and designs for hats made with sinamay. 

The fanciest hats made from sinamay features a variety of weaves and layers to create a complex, high-end product. There are three different types of popular sinamay weaves. The first is the basketweave and this is exactly what it sounds like. The basketweave consists of a square shape weave of fibers going over and under each other.

Then, there is the scrunch weave, which really isn’t a weave. The scrunch method is simply pressing sinamay fibers together to create a mismatched, flattened material. Lastly, there is lurex-woven in which sinamay is mixed with Lurex. Lurex is a shiny fiber so this mixture can be used to create an eye-catching hat. 

4:  Sinamay hats are usually extravagant. 

Sinamay hats almost always have a decorative faux flower, large bow, or beautiful feathers attached to the fine material. Normally, the sinamay will also be made into a lace that can drape over the face slightly. Since huge, elaborate hats are almost required at the Kentucky Derby, sinamay hats are perfect. 

5: Meghan Markle sports many sinamay hats. 

In public appearances, Meghan Markle is normally wearing a chic hat. However, if you look closely, you may spot the high-end sinamay woven material. Meghan Markle wears the material in a small hat like a beret or a larger disc hat worn asymmetrically to one side of her head. 

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