5 Reasons Trilby Hats Are Better Than Fedoras

Both the fedora and the trilby are classic brimmed hats that are all too often confused for one another. However, trilby fans will tell you that these hats don’t have much in common. They’re likely to find the trilby far superior to the fedora for many reasons.

Trilby hats are better than fedoras because of their shorter brims, their more casual vibe, and their lower price tag. They’ve been popular amongst celebrities like Frank Sinatra since the 1950s. The trilby also avoids all the negative stereotypes that the fedora has managed to attract. 

Let’s take a look at these five reasons why trilby hats are better than fedoras. 

Trilby Hats Have Shorter “Stingy” Brims

One of the ways you can tell the two hats apart is by the brim. Trilby hats typically have a shorter brim, which many refer to as a “stingy” brim in the hat world. The back part of the brim curls upward while the front part typically slopes forward. Trilby fans will prefer this style of brim over the wider version found on fedoras.

Trilby hats

It’s More Casual Than the Fedora

The history and cultural context of these hats still influence how the world perceives them. The trilby came from a tradition of sportswear, making it much more casual than the typically formal fedora. The accessible, casual nature of this hat makes it more appealing to many than the fedora. Discover more intriguing facts about the Trilby here.

It Has a Much Cheaper Price Tag

Because the trilby is a more casual hat, you’ll find a wider range of materials and price points when shopping for this kind of hat. You can find trilbys with lighter materials with a lower price tag, making it a great starter hat. If you’re interested in trying out this style without making a significant investment, you can easily do that when shopping for a trilby.

Fedoras, due to their more formal style, can often be a more expensive choice. If you’re not sure which hat is best for you, the price tag of a proper fedora may not encourage you to proceed. Check out this great value classic and popular trilby on Amazon.

Frank Sinatra Wore a Trilby

Many iconic images of men in hats from the mid 20th century feature a trilby. Frank Sinatra wore a trilby as his signature hat, as did the fictional character Don Draper from the series Mad Men. These top-of-the-line trilbys contributed to their cool, masculine look. If you’re looking to emulate that era in your style, you’ll want to choose a trilby over a fedora for an authentic ensemble. Read more about Frank Sinatra here.

They May Avoid the Fedora Stereotypes

Whether or not you think they’re accurate, it’s undeniable that the fedora has accumulated many negative stereotypes surrounding it. If you’re looking for a new choice in headwear that doesn’t have such negative connotations associated with it, you can choose the trilby over the fedora. However, others still may confuse the two. Read more about Fedora Stereotypes here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new brimmed hat to elevate your style and don’t know what to choose, go with the trilby. From its casual style to its shorter brim to its accessibility, you can enjoy trying out a trilby without a big investment.

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