What Type of Hat Does Mary Poppins Wear?

In the vast history of films and mass entertainment, actors and actresses in lead roles sport iconic costumes. In the 1964 film Mary Poppins, the main character — Mary — wears a quite unique hat. What type of hat is it?

Mary Poppins wears a brimmed boater hat or wide brim bowler hat, adorned with fancy details like ribbons or flowers. This lovable character also carries an umbrella and bottomless tote bag and wears a white blouse, bowtie, and a skirted suit to add to her elegant ensemble.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Mary Poppins film, how often Mary wore this iconic hat, and which hats went on to replace the brimmed boater hat. There are plenty of similar styles, so let’s dive into them below!

What Did Mary Poppins’ Costume Consist Of?

The most iconic piece of Mary Poppins’ costume is her unmissable brimmed bowler hat. However, given her stylish ensemble, she also finished off her look with an umbrella and a bottomless tote bag. The tote bag, of course, is featured in a scene where Mary continues to pull a seemingly endless number of items from her purse. 

At the core of Mary’s widely recognized costume is her elegant ensemble itself. Her outfit is complete with a white blouse tied with a women’s bowtie, and her skirted suit tied together with lace-up boots, perhaps inspired by the Victorian era. Though simple in composition, Mary’s costume leaves room for a pop of imagination and individuality.

What Hat Styles Have Replaced the Brimmed Boater Hat?

Today, the original brimmed boater hat is no longer as popular as it was in the 1960s. Styles have changed, but we can’t forget the timeless outfit worn by Mary Poppins. Sadly, there aren’t many brimmed boater hats these days. However, it gave rise to similar hat styles, such as:

  • Wide brimmed hat: The wide-brimmed is perhaps the most reminiscent style of the now-outdated brimmed boater hat. It’s slightly taller at the crown and has a shorter brim, but it’s very similar to the style Mary Poppins wore. These hats are sturdier and provide a fashion statement.
  • Bucket hat: The bucket hat is trendy today among teenagers and young adults. What makes the bucket hat slightly different is its flexible design and adjustable chin strap. It’s fit for indoor and outdoor environments and provides a little less structure for those with an active lifestyle. Discover some intriguing facts about bucket hats in this article.

There are many other hats similar to Mary Poppins’ brimmed boater hat, but none are quite as storylike as the one she wore. You could try bucket hats, wide brimmed hats, traditional boater hats, Panama hats, or sun hats. If you want to stick to the original style, proceed to the next section and get your hands on a brimmed boater hat!

Where Can You Buy a Brimmed Boater Hat?

Despite being less common than they were in the past, some stores and outlets still sell brimmed boater hats. Perhaps the most user-friendly and affordable option online is Amazon, which sells different variations of the once-classic Mary Poppins hat, such as this Lawliet Flat Top Panama Boater Sun Hat on Amazon.

However, you can also use Amazon as a hat supplier for costuming. You might find an exact replica listed as “Mary Poppins Hat” or “Mary Poppins Costume Hat.” Price-wise, these hats range from a few dollars and soar into several hundred dollar territory.

The Disguise Women’s Mary Poppins Hat is a true-to-life Mary Poppins Hat just like the movie. It’s comfortable, adorable, and covered in the same flowers the character wore throughout the story. It’s relatively budget-friendly and one-size-fits all, making it an excellent addition to your cosplay outfit or daily attire.

What Was the Plot of the Film Mary Poppins?

This 1964 film starring Julie Andrews features a star-studded cast. Alongside her fellow castmates, Andrews shares the story of an English family who welcomes a new nanny (Mary) into their home. The film follows two young children’s journey as Mary teaches them the importance of play and imagination.

This film consists of colorful scenes, playful themes, and a playlist filled with iconic songs that children love. The entire family will love this film, as Mary Poppins is a heartwarming journey through the imagination.


Discover more intriguing facts about hats in movies here. Fashion trends naturally come and go over time, and the brimmed boater hat is a prime example of a hat that’s grown in popularity before eventually declining. In fact, the brimmed boater hat is a product of shifting fashion trends, an adaption of the original bowler hat.

Today, you can buy a brimmed boater hat on Amazon, though hats like wide brimmed hats and bucket hats are even more popular. Mary Poppins will always be a classic character, so why not don her hat and enjoy the style?