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Peter Pan: His Hat Explained

By Taylor James


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Fashion trends come and go, including hat trends. Public figures and fictional characters play a pivotal role in the shift from one trend to another. One fictional character named Peter Pan is a prime example of this phenomenon.

The type of hat Peter Pan wears is called the tyrolean or alpine hat, which has roots in German culture. Peter Pan’s signature hat originated in the Alps and is similar to the Bavarian or Fedora hat. 

This article will identify what type of hat Peter Pan wears in addition to learning what some of the most similar styles are and where to find them today.

What Is an Alpine Hat?

Peter Pan wore an alpine hat, a traditional German hat that first appeared in the early 19th century as a costume piece. The hat is constructed of felt and has a colored band and a feather or flowers as an accent. 

The later hat style, called the homburg, was heavily inspired by the main attributes of the original alpine hat. In the 1960s, the alpine or tyrolean hat became recognized as a symbol of tourism and is often worn in certain ceremonies that call for traditional village dresses. 

What Are Some Similar Hat Styles to the Alpine Hat?

The alpine or tyrolean hat style has deep roots in predominantly German culture. For that reason, a few traditional German hat styles are, at their core, variations of the original. Two examples are listed below:

  • Bavarian: The Bavarian hat, commonly referred to as the Bavarian Alpine hat, is directly related to the original alpine hat. Many cite this style as a direct subcategory of the alpine hat. 

  • Fedora: The fedora is a westernized adaptation of the most common traditional German hats that can dress up or down any outfit combination. The fedora is still popular in many parts of the world. Read some intriguing facts about fedoras here.

Where Can I Find Alpine Hats?

Do you want an Alpine hat for a special occasion or as part of your wardrobe? There are several ways to get one of your own, even if you have to make one from scratch. Here are three ways you can get your Alpine hat:

  • Amazon: Amazon is an excellent source for traditional German accessories like the alpine hat and costume pieces, such as this costume hat.

  • Etsy: Etsy is one of the leading sources of handmade costume pieces. Handmade garments based on Peter Pan’s signature look, including the iconic hat, are available on Etsy. You can also find his whole outfit!
  • DIY (Do It Yourself): Due to the stylized nature of the specific alpine hat Peter Pan wears in his numerous feature films, many costume-specific hats can be crafted from basic craft supplies. This tutorial from WikiHow shares how you can create your very own Peter Pan-inspired alpine hat at home!

Who Is Peter Pan, and Why Did He Wear That Hat?

Peter Pan is a fictional product of Scottish writer J.M. Barrie’s imagination. Peter’s most widely recognized attributes are his ability to fly and his inability to grow up, he is a symbol of youth, innocence, and escapism.

Children and adults alike still resonate with this character’s wishful thinking. 

Another name for Peter Pan’s hat is an archer’s hat. Peter Pan continuously went to a fairytale land as a hero, which is why he donned the archer’s hat.

The feather is reflective of feathers attached to the back of most arrows used in the movie and in real life. Archer’s hats were popular in Medieval times because they were lightweight, warm, and not constricting.

Peter Pan’s archer’s hat further pushed the point that he’s a hero relying on bowmanship, agility, and the ability to adapt to various scenarios.

Before remembering who he was, he didn’t know the significance of his hat. Once he reclaimed his position as a hero in Neverland, he wore the archer’s hat with pride.

It’s a turning point of the story as well as a creative explanation of the character’s past achievements.


Throughout the history of modern fashion, it has been proven that trends will come and go. In terms of the alpine hat, many figures, including the fictional Peter Pan, have contributed to the revival and maintenance of this accessory’s prominence in modern society.

While the alpine or tyrolean hat is not nearly as prominent today compared in the 19th and 20th centuries, many resources are still available to find this hat style. Online sites such as Etsy and Amazon offer many affordable options for the traditional alpine hat and the Peter Pan-inspired costume alpine hat.

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