5 Reasons Hats Can Be Bad for Hair

Everybody knows that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. That rule typically applies to food, but in this case, it sadly can apply to something as comfortable and expressive as hats. How exactly can something as simple as a hat be harmful? 

Hats can be bad for your hair due to possible hair loss, hair breakage, possible rashes, scalp sweat, and the buildup of gross bacteria. However, all of these reasons typically will only apply if you wear your hats longer than necessary and if you sweat a lot when you’re wearing a hat.

To learn more about why you shouldn’t wear your hats for an extended amount of time, read on. You might realize that something you’re doing now can affect you in the future.

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You Might Lose Your Hair

You’ve probably heard this saying a lot, “Hats are so bad for your hair, you’re going to lose it!” You might want to relax, however, as this is only true for one reason. If you wear hats too often, you will eventually start to lose hair. 

Balding is very common for people who have worn hats almost all of their lives. Yes, hats can be bad for your hair and cause hair loss, but only if they’re worn for an extensive amount of time.

Your Hair Follicles Could Break

While hair loss sounds bad, just imagine the thought of your hair being plucked out by the velcro on the back of your cap. While it’s not as common, it’s still unhealthy for your hair. 

Sometimes, an embellishment on your hat could tangle up your hair and pull it right out, which can be painful and bad for your hair’s health. Hats can be bad for your hair due to your hair follicles breaking.

Your Scalp Might Develop a Rash

You might have been wearing your hat for a while, and you haven’t exactly gotten the chance to clean it. However, wearing a dirty hat for extended periods of time can cause nasty rashes and itchiness on your head. You most likely don’t want to go through that kind of pain.

Hats can be bad for your scalp because they can cause rashes.

Warm Hats Cause Heat Rashes

Cold weather is very unpleasant. We all bundle up and many of us will put on a beanie to keep our heads warm. However, if you keep those beanies on for too long, your scalp is going to sweat a lot. 

You may end up with a messy hairstyle, but it can also cause rashes and possibly mess up your hair’s health. Yes, hats can be bad for your hair due to scalp sweat.

Bacteria Builds Up Around the Hat and Your Scalp

By wearing a hat almost all the time, bacteria begin to build up around the hat. At the same time, your head is going to sweat, secrete oils, and shed dead skin cells, which could eventually lead to folliculitis, leading to the inflammation of hair follicles.


As you may know, having too much of a good thing can go bad quickly, which can also apply to hats because, if you wear them for too long, they can be bad for your hair. 

The reasons why hats can be bad for your hair are as follows: 

  • Hair loss 
  • Breakage of follicles 
  • Rashes 
  • Scalp sweat 
  • The buildup of bacteria

However, these issues only apply if you wear your hat excessively or for long periods of time. Also, you might want to think about washing your hats from time to time.

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