5 Things To Know About Hats and Hair Loss

In today’s society, it is common for individuals to make certain lifestyle changes, some major, in response to mere rumors. There are several rumors suggesting that there may be a correlation between wearing hats and hair loss. But is this rumor actually true?

There’s no direct correlation between wearing hats and hair loss. The way your hair behaves is influenced by factors such as genetics and dietary habits. Tight ponytails are also more likely to cause hair loss, so if you’re an avid wearer of hats, you don’t need to fear for your hair’s well-being. 

In this article, the myth that hair loss can be caused by wearing hats will be debunked. Additionally, the possible effects of wearing hats frequently will be discussed. 

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Hats Do Not Affect the Rate at Which Hair Grows

Several rumors suggest that wearing hats frequently could slow or completely halt the rate at which hair grows. However, these claims are completely false, because the rate at which hair grows is based on factors such as genetics, hair care, and diet to name a few. 

Another argument suggests that hair needs ample supplies of air in order to grow and thrive, which is also false. In fact, there is no correlation between exposure to oxygen and hair growth. While hats can hinder the circulation of air toward the scalp, this has no relation to hair growth.

Wearing Hats Might Cause Traction Alopecia

While some individuals believe that wearing hats too often could cause hair loss, this is just not true. However, a condition called traction alopecia could develop over time as a result of hairs being pulled out of the scalp. Traction alopecia could, for example, occur as a result of wearing hats that fit tightly on the head and apply pressure to the scalp.

Tight Ponytails Are More Likely To Cause Hair Loss Than Hats Are

As previously mentioned, traction alopecia is a condition that can gradually develop over time as a result of wearing very tight bands or hats frequently. Similarly, wearing your hair in a very tight bun or ponytail frequently could lead to gradual hair loss, which is a direct result of constant tension being forced upon the hair follicles. 

Hair Loss Is Determined Mostly by Genetics

In addition to certain lifestyle choices, genetics is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not an individual would experience hair loss. Genetics also determines how quickly an individual’s hair loss may occur. 

Look Out for Inflamed Hair Follicles

One sign of hair loss is inflammation of the hair follicles. Some materials that are used to make hats could cause allergic reactions to the wearer. If this is the case, it is important to be aware of the signs to prevent further hair loss. 


Many individuals believe that since hats are often worn to hide baldness, then the hat must be the reason for the baldness. However, there is no evidence to support the claims suggesting that a direct correlation between wearing a hat and hair loss exists.

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This article aimed to debunk the rumors about hair loss and wearing hats. In fact, certain habits such as a poor diet or tying your hair back too tightly are more likely to cause hair loss than wearing hats.

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