Baseball Caps – 7 Intriguing Facts

Over time, fashion trends come and go. However, there’s perhaps no hat more “American” than the traditional baseball hat. You know to sport one with a team’s logo when you watch the World Series, but how much do you really know about these caps?

Baseball caps, once called “Brooklyn style” hats in the 1860s, were a uniform piece for the Brooklyn Excelsiors. Before baseball caps took over, the New York Knickerbockers donned straw hats that were both comfortable and fashionable. Today, the flat-brim style is popular in the MLB.

In this article, we’ll dive into the little-known world of baseball caps. To learn more about this cap’s impressive history and seven intriguing facts, read on!

The History of Baseball Caps

Though it is difficult to say who created the first-ever baseball caps, the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team first publicly sported this hat. That’s why, in the 1860s, the baseball cap earned the name “Brooklyn style” hat, designed to shield the wearers’ eyes from direct sunlight. Variations of the baseball cap became popular by the 1980s, later spreading across the globe. Discover more about why baseball caps were invented here.

black baseball cap

Baseball Hats Replaced Straw Hats on the Diamond

Though the Brooklyn Excelsiors were the first baseball team to compete in an early version of the baseball hat, players once took the diamond with a very different hat on their heads. In 1849, the New York Knickerbockers sported the original baseball uniform, which included a straw hat! Today, baseball players at all levels enjoy the comfortable and fashionable fitted baseball cap as a key part of their uniforms.

Baseball Caps Take 22 Steps To Create

Intriguingly, constructing a baseball cap is a long 22-step process, with fitted hats requiring a unique six-panel construction process. Before 1938, baseball caps had eight panels. Every stitch sewn into the hat is carefully planned out to ensure a tight, comfortable fit.

Some Baseball Players Flatten the Bill of Their Hat

Many athletes have their own particularities and superstitions within their game. For baseball players, the hat is among the most essential gear, shielding their eyes from sun (especially in the outfield). Some players take the creative liberty to flatten their hat’s bill for stylistic reasons!

Some Police Wear Baseball Caps in Uniform

Britain, Turkey, and Slovenia are just a few nations where police wear baseball caps as part of their uniform. The baseball cap has replaced other past police hats, such as the side cap, bowler cap, and peaked cap. For police on motorcycles, the baseball cap is worn whenever they remove their helmets.

Only Police Can Wear Baseball Hats in Finland

To distinguish between civilians and government workers, Finnish citizens are not allowed to wear baseball caps because they’re a staple in the local police uniform. In Finland, the baseball cap has grown increasingly popular as a uniform piece, replacing the side cap.

Some Military Personnel Wear Baseball Caps in Uniform

For numerous armed forces, the uniform includes the classic baseball cap, with the United States Coast Guard and Navy being a few examples. In the United States Army, red baseball caps are worn by parachute riggers while their instructors wear black baseball caps.

There Are Several Variations of the Baseball Cap

You know about the traditional baseball cap worn by your favorite Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets players. But did you know there are three popular types that you might find at Lids?

Here’s how you can tell the difference:

  • Snapback: The snapback is a type of baseball cap with an adjustable plastic piece on the back, complete with a boxy structure and a flat brim. Find out more about the differences here.
  • Fitted: The fitted baseball hat is perhaps the most easily recognized, sporting a curved brim, adjustable back, and a logo on the front. Read more about fitted hats here.
  • Adjustable: The adjustable baseball hat is what the name suggests. Typically, this hat’s style would have a velcro strap or buckle on the back that can be loosened or tightened to the wearer’s liking. Such as this popular hat on Amazon.


Discover why baseball caps are so popular here. Fashion trends have come and gone as time has progressed, but the baseball cap is one of the few accessories that has withstood the test of time. Due to its versatility and functionality, the baseball cap has become popular amongst baseball players, military members, and police officers.

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