A couple wearing hats under an umbrella

Tips for Matching an Umbrella with a Hat

Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean your fashion can’t be on point. If rainy days are your least favorite, reframe bad weather as an opportunity to break out more accessories that don’t always get their day in the sun. Umbrellas are a must-have if you live somewhere that frequently …

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Woman wearing a hat at a wedding

Tips For Wearing a Hat to a Wedding

Weddings are prime time to step out and show off your most fashionable self. Whether you’re the mother-of-the-bride or a plus one, a sure-fire way to shine is to top off your wedding day ensemble with a hat. In some places, like the United Kingdom, hats are a much more …

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Top Tips for Fixing a Frayed Hat Brim

A well-loved hat goes on a lot of adventures. Whether it’s a hat that’s been passed down through generations of a family, a hat that’s traveled around the world with you, or just a hat that helps you look your Sunday best, there’s bound to be some wear and tear …

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Couple outdoor camping

Tips on How to Wax a Hat

Applying wax to hat is a sure fire way to make sure it is water and wind resistant. Adding a layer of oil to protect cloth from the elements is a time tested strategy. These tips are for anyone looking to add wax to your own hat. 1. Choose the …

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pork pie hat

Types of Hat Crown – A Quick Guide

The crown of the hat is the top part of the hat above the brim. You will have noticed that they come in all different shapes and sizes and with different dents, creases and pinches. You may well be confused about how to identify the different types. This quick guide …

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Man wearing a '10 gallon' hat

The Origin of the 10-Gallon Hat

If you’re curious about cowboy fashion or looking for an intriguing conversation starter to broach at your next cocktail party, the origin of the 10-gallon hat is an excellent subject to explore. The 10-gallon hat is a large wide-brimmed hat with a tall rounded crown. It was typically worn by …

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