What Type of Hats Do Leprechauns Wear?

leprechaun hat

Leprechauns are known around the world, easily recognizable by their traditional green attire and red hair. Just like for many other cultural characters that have spread across the globe, some of the features and characteristics of the leprechaun have been moulded and developed throughout the years into a different style …

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How to Keep Your Straw Hat From Fraying

woman wearing straw floppy hat with sun glasses

Hat lovers and enthusiasts everywhere will know just how essential great hat care is. Being able to take the measures to extend your hat’s lifespan doesn’t take much, but it can greatly affect the look and even comfort of your favourite accessory. Straw hats can be particularly known to be …

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Why You Should Never Wear a Green Hat in China

Chinese woman wearing a hat

It’s always intriguing to learn about the cultural aspects of a new country – but it can be especially fun when you don’t have to embarrass yourself in the process! When visiting China, for example, stay away from green hats. Yes, you read that right. Green hats worn by people …

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Best Tips for Washing Hats

Cleaning a hat

Even our most beloved and precious hats are made for wearing, which means enjoying them means making them vulnerable to sweat and dirt build up over time. Of course, we love both the shade and the style aspect of our best hats, and the consequences are inevitable – but there …

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What Kind of Hat Does Goofy Wear?

Fans all over the world would be able to pick out Goofy’s unique, green, and strangely shaped hat out of a line-up. The accessory has accompanied the beloved character over countless years, so it may be shocking to find out this wasn’t exactly always the case. As is the case …

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5 Great Tips on How to Stop Your Hat From Smelling Bad

hats hanging to air on beach

Cleaning your favourite, precious hats can be a stressful task. After all, how do you go about making sure your hat smells nice without ruining its structure, colour, or material? Well, it turns out the solution might be simpler than you think. Take a deep breath and let’s get started! …

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