The Blues Brothers Hats – 5 Fascinating Facts

As one of the most beloved comedic and musical duos of all time, The Blues Brothers were known for their sounds, their moves, and, of course, their hats. Composed of original SNL cast members Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, the duo made history in both film and television while sporting …

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Clint Eastwood’s Hats – 5 Fascinating Facts

Though he is today mostly known as a renowned Hollywood director, Clint Eastwood originally began his career in film as on screen talent. As an actor, Eastwood got his start on Western television shows and films, and consequently became famous while sporting classic cowboy hats. Here are 5 fascinating facts …

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Ben Hogan’s Hats – 5 Intriguing Facts

To this day, Ben Hogan remains as one of the most renowned golfers of all time. Having made history in the green, the star player was known for his distinguished cap. The hat quickly became associated with the player himself, whose established career was now often marked by it. Here …

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Best Hijab Styles for Round Faces

woman wearing turban style hijab

Every face shape is beautiful in its own way. All the elusive face shapes have unique structural features that make them different from the other. One of the most beautiful and common face shapes among women is the round shape. Almost every other woman has this face type. Celebrate your …

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Tips for Choosing the Right Hijab Color

Woman wearing hijab with dress

The recent boom in the modest fashion world has introduced a range of beautiful and fun shades. Gone are the days when the color of the hijabs was an afterthought. Color trends come and go with the season, but there are some key factors that you can consider to find …

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Are Fedoras Suitable for All Seasons

You wouldn’t necessarily wear a baseball cap during the dead of winter, because it won’t keep your head very warm. Beanies are super cute but might be too toasty for summer wear. Are there any kinds of hats that you can wear year-round? Yes! In winter, spring, summer, and fall …

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