women holding a traditional umbrella

What Were Umbrellas Made From Before Nylon?

If you are anything like most people, you are likely not a fan of getting caught up in the rain and having your entire outfit soaked. Umbrellas are a great way of preventing this from occurring due to their waterproof nylon fabrication. History can attest to the fact that umbrellas …

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Are Umbrellas Really 4000 Years Old?

Umbrellas are regularly depicted in the artwork of past centuries as fashion accessories or functional tools. It seems like they have been around since the beginning of time. Is it true that umbrellas are really 4000 years old?  Umbrellas are 4000 years old. The first basic umbrellas were created in …

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Walter White wearing a pork pie hat

Walter White’s Hat – What Did He Wear?

Breaking Bad’s main character Walter White is so iconic that just about anyone could identify him based on his silhouette alone. His hat alone is a dead giveaway, but what is the type of hat that Walter White wears? Walter White wears a pork pie hat when he’s working under …

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umbrellas in the sun

How Did the Umbrella Get Its Name?

Did you know that the word “umbrella” doesn’t actually mean what you think it means? The term doesn’t even refer to rain but relates to the sun. So if that’s the case, how did the umbrella get its name? The umbrella got its name from the Latin root “umbra”, which …

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newsboy cap

The Newsboy Cap – How Did It Get Its Name?

Newsboy caps are the ultimate hat of the people. They symbolize hard work, solidarity, and did we mention they’re incredibly stylish? So who are these newsboys anyway, and how did the newsboy cap get its name? The newsboy cap got its name from the newspaper sellers on the streets of …

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hook of umbrella hanging on wall

Why Do Umbrellas Have Hooked Handles?

The standard umbrella today is essentially the same as it was hundreds of years ago. However, one major alteration was done to its classic design in the 17th century: the introduction of the curved handle. What was so important about this change, and why do umbrellas now have hooked handles? …

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