night scene with a person wearing a traditional night cap.

Why Did People Wear Nightcaps to Bed?

Trends change throughout the years, and what people wear to bed is no exception. In the past, people have worn many different things while sleeping. While it might seem weird now, nightcaps were a popular choice to wear to bed. People wore nightcaps to bed to keep hair from tangling, …

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Why Are Sombreros So Big?

Sombreros are commonly worn in places such as Mexico, Spain, and certain areas of the United States. They come in various sizes and can be made of simple materials or be of very high quality. Why are some sombreros so big, and what does that mean? Sombreros are so big …

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Pointed end of an umbrella

Why Do Umbrellas Have a Pointed End?

The umbrella is a classic accessory and functional tool that really hasn’t changed all that much over the course of time. From the long hooked handle to the curved canopy to the spiked top, it’s safe to assume this design is pretty much perfect. Most of the construction makes sense …

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A selection of Panama hats

How Did the Panama Hat Get Its Name?

Panama hats are one of those hats that will keep the sun from your face. They are an incredibly stylish piece to any wardrobe, and they are a great souvenir because they are iconic in Panama. The Panama hat is over 100 years old; therefore, the name is meaningful, but …

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man holding umbrella in a storm

Are Umbrellas Safe in Lightning?

If you are anything like most people, you will probably agree that getting caught out in a thunderstorm is not fun. Thankfully, using an umbrella can greatly minimize the chances of you getting soaked by the rain. Thus, umbrellas are very popular, particularly in regions that experience a lot of …

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Women wearing a red beret in Paris

Why Do French People Wear Berets?

When we think of the stereotypical French person, most people’s minds go straight to two things: baguettes and berets. The French indeed make excellent bread, but what about the hats? Is there a reason why French people wear berets?  French people don’t wear berets often but are characterized by it …

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