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5 Best Hat Styles for Oval Face Shapes

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You have an oval face shape if your face is roughly twice as long as it is wide. Also known as an “egg-shaped” face, oval face shapes have jaw and forehead areas that are slightly rounded with no sharp angles, and the widest section is at the cheekbones, where it gradually tapers down. So what are the best hat styles for this face shape?

The 5 best hat styles for oval face shapes include:

  1. Newsboy caps
  2. Bucket hats
  3. Fedoras
  4. Cloche hats
  5. Bowler hats

This article will discuss in detail why these hat types are best for oval face shapes.

1. Newsboy Caps

Also known as flat caps, newsboy caps are difficult to pull off for most face shapes but are perfect if you have an oval-shaped face. 

These caps are generally made from soft fabric, are slightly rounded and puffy on top, and have a flat brim. 

Since an oval face shape is slightly elongated, you don’t want to wear a hat that will make it look even longer. A newsboy cap sits lower on your forehead, and its flatness will therefore help your face to look well-balanced and perfectly shaped. 

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2. Bucket Hats

With their flat crown shape and downward sloping wide brim, bucket hats are typically made from heavy-duty fabric, like denim or canvas. 

The short, structured, and square-shaped crown section gives the ideal contrast to a face that is oval or oblong in shape, while the rounded brim provides harmony between the wide cheekbone section and the narrower forehead and chin area. Check out this popular choice on Amazon.

3. Fedoras

The distinctive fedora hat has an indented crown section, a pliable brim and is typically made from stiff felt or wool. 

Fedora hats feature flat brims that sit low and well below the hairline, which works wonders at making a long, oval-shaped face appear shorter. The crown section is just short enough to ensure that your face doesn’t look longer.

The fedora’s pliable brim means that you can adjust it according to your preferred style. 

For oval faces, it is best to gently shape the brim edges upwards so that the width is not too narrow, which could accentuate the broad shape of your cheekbones. This wool style works well for both men and women (Amazon).

4. Cloche Hats

Cloche hats, an option for women, initially became popular in the 1920s for their elegant and sleek style and can be a great option for women. They are bell-shaped, usually made from felt or raffia, and can have ribbons or other decorative items to add elegance and style.

When worn, cloche hats sit just above the eyebrows and are perfect for helping shorten an oval face’s long forehead area. 

The rounded, medium-width brim of a cloche hat also helps to create a little width to the chin and forehead area. Read tips about how to wear a cloche hat here.

This a great option from Bellady (Amazon)

5. Bowler Hats

Bowler or derby hats first gained popularity in the early 1900s but lost much of their fame when the fedora hat hit the scene in the 1920s. They are recognizable by their circular crown shapes and medium-length brims that gently curve upwards. 

Oval-shaped faces have wide cheekbones, and the bowler hat’s upwardly curving brim helps reduce cheekbone width and creates the impression that your forehead and chin areas are wider.

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Read more about the story of bowler hats in this article.

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