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Super Mario – His Hat Explained

By Taylor James


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If you are a Super Mario fan, you’ve likely become accustomed to the character’s red, blue, and white outfit.

Though most of his attire seems obvious, there has been some debate regarding what type of hat Super Mario wears, but we think we’ve figured out the correct answer. 

Super Mario’s hat most resembles a newsboy cap. Newsboy caps have rounded, full tops, and their brims seamlessly connect with the hat’s body.

While some believe Mario wears a Greek fisherman cap, these aren’t as full as Mario’s hat and often have a band between the brim that looks different from Mario’s. 

Read on to find out why we’ve concluded that Super Mario wears a newsboy cap.

Why Super Mario Wears a Cap 

Super Mario’s hat is essential to his appearance. It is large and red, featuring a white circle in the middle with a red letter “M.” He has worn his famous red cap since his first appearance in Donkey Kong. 

While some users think that his creator, Miyamoto, drew the cap for stylistic reasons or because it’s visually pleasing, it’s actually because he had a tough time drawing hair. So, he drew the hat to cover Mario’s head so he wouldn’t have to leave him bald! 

Does Mario’s Hat Ever Change in Appearance? 

While Mario’s hat almost always looks the same during normal gameplay, it does change in color and appearance when he collects a power-up. 

For example, whenever Super Mario receives a Fire Mario power-up, his hat turns completely white, except for the red “M” in the center. Similarly, when Mario becomes Ice Mario, his hat turns icy blue.

This is also true when Mario receives the Rock Mario and Cloud Mario power-ups when his hat transforms into hard stone or a soft fluffy cloud. 

Mario’s hat will disappear entirely on rare occasions, like when he acquires the frog, tanooki, or penguin suit power-ups. His cap is replaced with a costume in these instances, so his hair remains concealed! 

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Does Mario Ever Wear a Different Hat? 

In the original Super Mario 64 game, Mario wore three different hats in addition to his traditional cap. These included a metal cap that allowed Mario to walk underwater and through fire, a wing cap that permitted him to fly around and a vanish cap that enabled him to go “invisible” so he could walk through walls! 

Narrowing Down Super Mario’s Hat Type

Despite the debate, two of the most common guesses are a Greek fisherman hat (otherwise known as a mariner’s or a fiddler’s cap) or a newsboy cap (also called a Gatsby cap). Let’s explore which of these hat types Mario best resembles.

Greek Fisherman 

Greek fisherman caps are soft-topped hats typically made of wool felt. Sometimes, they are also made with blue denim or corduroy. They have a flat top and a small, sturdy visor that protrudes a few inches in front of the face.

Many hats have a hard band above the brim with a metal button on the side. Generally, they are black or navy. 

These hats are called “Greek” fisherman caps because they were popular in Greece throughout the 1880s, especially among people who lived in coastal villages. Today, they are most commonly associated with sailors, ship captains, and other maritime occupations. 

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps were standard in the early 20th century. They were named “newsboy caps” because they were popular among newspaper boys who wore them while delivering the daily prints. However, newsboys weren’t the only ones who wore these caps. Many lower-class workers wore them, including farmers, steelworkers, artisans, dockworkers, and more. 

Newsboy caps have soft brims that stick out in the front. The hat’s body is full and round, distinguishing it from other popular caps of the time, like the flat cap. These hats are made up of six or eight panels that connect at the top with a button.  

Why We Believe Mario Wears a Newsboy Cap

Mario’s hat most closely resembles certain versions of the newsboy cap. While some Greek Fisherman’s caps look similar to Marios, they tend to be a little less full on top. Additionally, many of them have a hard band with a metal button above the brim, which looks completely different from Mario’s cap.

On the other hand, Newsboy caps are full and round, giving them a similar look to Mario’s hat. The brim and the body of the hat are seamlessly connected, with no band in between. So, if you are wondering which type of hat most closely resembles Mario’s, the newsboy cap receives the win! 


Many Mario fans have wondered what style of hat his cap was modeled from. While some people think it looks like a Greek fisherman cap, we believe it most closely resembles a newsboy’s cap since this style of hat is fuller and doesn’t have a band between the brim and the hat’s body.

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