5 Intriguing Facts About Crocodile Dundee’s Hat

It is very common for films and television series to promote a certain type of dress or a specific article of clothing, such as a hat or jacket. After these productions aired, the specific piece would experience a spike in popularity after being released, such as Crocodile Dundee’s hat. What are some intriguing facts about Crocodile Dundee’s hat?

Crocodile Dundee’s hat was discontinued after the film made it popular in 1986, but you can still buy the hat today. Regulations prevent hat materials, such as crocodile skin, from being imported. The Crocodile Dundee hat is also very similar to the hat from Snowy River.

This article will discuss the effects of the film industry on fashion trends and the impact that the film Crocodile Dundee had on the fashion world. Grab your hat, and let’s ride!

The Hat Was Popularized Through Film

As the hat’s name suggests, it was popularized through a film by the same name, Crocodile Dundee, which was released in 1986 and marketed as an action-comedy. The film took place in Australia and New York City, following Mick Dundee and Sue Charlton’s journeys. Of course, Mick Dundee was known for his great triumphs in the Australian outback and his iconic hat.

The Original Crocodile Dundee-Inspired Hat Was Discontinued

The film Crocodile Dundee was an immediate hit. The hat brand Akubra made and sold their very own version of the hat, commonly known as the black Down Under hat. However, Akubra has since discontinued this hat as the trend of wearing this type of hat has faded away. There are still other sources for purchasing or even making your very own Down under hat.

You Can Still Buy the Crocodile Dundee Hat Today

There are many sources that still offer their own version of the Crocodile Dundee or Down Under hat, such as this popular option on Amazon.

Regulations Prevent Materials for the Hat From Being Imported

One defining factor of Crocodile Dundee’s hat is the crocodile skin band complete with the crocodile teeth that decorated the hat. Certain organizations like the United States Fish and Wildlife have strict rules in place in order to protect wildlife, such as preventing crocodile skin from being imported.

The Down Under and Snowy River Hats Are Very Similar

The hat that Crocodile Dundee originally popularized was the Down Under Hat with a crocodile skin band and crocodile teeth. In fact, you can create your own Crocodile Dundee-inspired hat from a plain Snowy River hat. Since the two hats are already so similar, the only changes that should be made include steaming so that the hat can be reshaped, trimming a portion of the brim, and adding a band around the center.


The 1986 film Crocodile Dundee sparked a rapid increase in the popularity of the hat worn by the main character, Mick Dundee. This popularity prompted many different hat-making companies to develop their own version of the hat to be sold. Today, a number of sources still sell the Crocodile Dundee hat. Additionally, there are several ways to make your very own Crocodile Dundee hat.

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