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Square Face Shape? – 5 Hat Styles That Work

By Taylor James


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If you have a square face shape, your jaw, forehead, and cheekbones are probably the same width. While your face may look similar to round face shapes, your jaw will be more pronounced and sharp. What are five hat styles that work with square face shapes?

Hat styles that work with a square face shape are those with circular shapes and angles. Round hats will soften the harsh lines of a square face and balance the face well. Any hat with a wide brim will also work. Berets, floppy hats, cloche hats, wide-brimmed fedoras, and porkpie hats work well.

If you have a square face shape, you may be finding it difficult to find a hat that works well for you. Not to worry – this article will cover five hat styles that work with square face shapes. By the end of this guide, you will know which hat will flatter you most. Let’s get started. 


If you’re looking for a unique yet stylish fashion piece, a beret will do the trick. The hat will fit snug on your head, but its tall crown and wide brim will help balance your features. The hat is circular and will take away from the harsh lines of your face. Furthermore, who doesn’t love topping an outfit with a cute beret? Read some intriguing facts about berets here.

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Floppy Hats

Floppy hats typically have wide brims. The large, round shape will tone down the harsh angles of your square face shape. Since floppy hats are pretty big, they’ll also draw some attention away from the geometric lines of your face. If you’re looking for a nice summer hat, pick yourself up a stylish sun hat. 

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Cloche Hats

Cloche hats fit snug on the head. While some people may think they’re too tight for square face shapes, they’ll add the perfect amount of softness to your look. Cloche hats don’t have any harsh angles. The style is very romantic and soft, accented with circular shapes, and it’ll work great for those who have wide jawlines. Discover some intriguing facts about cloche hats here.

Women wearing purple cloche hat
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Wide-Brimmed Fedora

Often called “hipster hats,” wide-brimmed fedoras are the perfect accessory to off-balance the wide jawlines of square face shapes. Any hat with a wide brim will work just fine. The wider the brim, the softer your face will look, and fedoras will also help with wide foreheads. Read about some intriguing fedora hat facts here.

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Porkpie Hat

While some people may think porkpie hats are out of style, they can still look on point with the right outfit. 

Porkpie hats don’t have brims that’ll overpower your face. Unlike sun hats, porkpie hats have shorter brims. However, they’re still wide enough to accent a square face shape nicely. The round brim will help to de-emphasize the lines of your cheekbones and create an overall softer appearance. Discover some intriguing facts about pork pie hats here.

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Many hat styles work with square face shapes. If you’re looking for a summer hat, floppy hats will work great. Floppy hats have very wide brims and will balance out wide cheekbones and jawlines. 

Berets will be the perfect choice for winter fashion. Since the hat has a round shape, it’ll help soften your features. Cloche hats, wide-brimmed fedoras, and porkpie hats will also work well with square face shapes. 

In all, any hat that has round features or wide brims will look good on a square face shape.

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