Al Capone’s Hats – What Type Did He Wear?

When Al Capone dressed up, he did it with finesse. This infamous 1920s Chicago gangster was an impeccably dressed man who went to great pains to look ‘professional.’ But his most notable dress item was his signature hat. What type of hat did Al Capone wear?

Al Capone wore many different hat styles, but his favorite was the fedora. This hat exemplified the signature look and style of gangster head-wear and was typically available in white or black. Other Capone-favored hats included the straw Panama, the Boater, and the Homburg.

This article will look at each of the hats worn by Al Capone in greater detail. Keep it here to learn more about this celebrated gangster and his classic dressing style. 

The Fedora Hat

A white or black fedora was the 1920 gangster’s preferred hat. This narrow-brimmed, soft felt hat came with a silk ribbon set on a crown and featured three dents. The hat’s contrasting 4-inch (10.1 cm) band wrapped all around the base, with its distinctive front pinch and wide brim setting you miles apart from regular “gentlemen.”

Al Capone typically wore dark-colored three-piece suits. His fedora hats thus tended to lean towards light contrasting colors. He particularly favored Borsalinos like his famous white cream one, which he wore tapered at the top to produce a straight creased profile with a deep crease at the center. 

Borsalino is an Italian-based high-quality brand whose fedoras became renowned after celebrities like Al Capone made fedoras their signature hat style. Made from lapin and beaver fur, these fine, ultralight, handmade hats were also water repellent. And, as was the fashion back then, Capone wore his fedora slightly tilted back and merely resting lightly on his head. You can check out this highly rated Al Capone-style fedora on Amazon. 

Fedoras were well-suited for Al Capone’s line of work since they were crushable. This means it was easy to pack them into a suitcase where they could stay crushed for some time and still retain their shape. Read more intriguing facts about fedoras in this article.

Al Capone

The Straw Optimo Panama

Al Capone wore the Straw Optimo Panama hat during the summer months. The Panama hat is light-colored, light in weight, and breathable. A wide-brimmed shape also characterizes this famous summer hat. The traditional Ecuadorian straw hat is made using plaited leaves from the toquilla palm. 

Capone was rumored to have brought in a milliner (hat maker) all the way from Ecuador to make several of these hats for him. Wealthy men often wore the Panama hat while gangsters tilted their’s slightly towards the left, adding to its flair. Discover more intriguing facts about the Panama in this article.

The Straw Boater Hat

The boater hat also goes by the name the basher, sennit, or the skimmer. Initially worn by boaters to offer protection from the sun, the style soon attracted gangsters who wore the fashionable light hat from springtime to fall.

Al Capone wore his straw boater hat at an angle and perched quite high on the head – no less than 2 inches ( 5.08 cm) above his eyebrows. This allowed him to wear a much smaller hat size (6 7/8″) than his frame would warrant. Al Capone was 5′ 10″ tall (1.77 meters) and weighed 250 pounds (113.3 kg ).

While in Florida, Capone wore his boater all year round. He also owned several of these hats, as evidenced by the many photos he snapped while wearing the stylish boater. Read more about boater hats here.

The Homburg

A homburg is a hat made of fur felt, featuring a silky, wide grosgrain ribbon, a flat brim, and a ribbon-edged trim. However, American pop culture refers to the homburg as the “godfather” hat. Unlike the fedora, which features an indented crown, soft brim, a creased crown, and pinched sides, the homburg sports a single dent (the gutter crown) that runs all the way down to the middle of the crown. 

The hat’s name originated from Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany, where it formed part of hunting headgear. In Al Capone’s time, the homburg was offered in black or grey and mostly worn with semi-formal wear. The hat was also generally thought to be a bit more esteemed than the fedora. Read more intriguing facts about the Homburg here.

The Biltmore Hat

Another one of Al Capone’s famous hats is the Biltmore hat, with this good-looking hat sporting a brim and an open crown. The crown ranges between 4-5 inches (10.1-12.7 cm) for the center crease. The Biltmore also comes with a grosgrain ribbon, a snappable brim, and is traditionally available in either grey or black.

The Trilby Hat

Al Capone could also be spotted wearing a trilby hat. This stylish and sleek hat is quite similar to the fedora though there are slight differences between them. For one, the trilby brim is rather narrow and has short edges that turn slightly upwards towards the rear, while a fedora sports a wide, flatter brim.  Some maintain that the trilby is better than the fedora. Find out why in this article.

Final Thoughts

The Fedora was Al Capone’s favorite gangster hat, but he also owned many other hats. He wore his stylish hats like the fedora to portray a sense of status, class, and dignity. The hats also separated him from regular criminals, depicting him as sophisticated, audacious, and fashionable.

While most of these hat styles were popular in the 1920s, you can still spot men wearing some of them today, such as the Panama straw hat and the Godfather hat.

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